How do I get a bail bond in Knoxville, TN?

Are you or a love one in need of a dependable bail bonds service in Knoxville, TN? Have you been lucky so far and never had to bail someone out of jail and are not sure where to start. AA Bonding Company has been providing bail bonding services in Knoxville and the surrounding areas for over 30 years now. Our goal is to help all of our clients in a fast and timely manner while also guiding them in the process along the way. The first step in this process is to call a Knoxville Bondsman to discuss the situation as bonds can differ and are handled on a case by case basis.

So what Is A Bail Bond?

Bail is a vital part of our legal system that allows a person accused of a crime, to be temporarily released from custody, so they can continue their lives while they prepare for their day in court. In criminal cases, it is a sum of cash money, real property or bail bond that needs to be posted by or on behalf of a defendant to guarantee their appearance in court. The right to reasonable bail is guaranteed to you by the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Why should I use a Knoxville  bail bondsman for an appearance bond instead of a cash or property bond?

When you place an appearance bond through a bondsman, you only pay 10% of the bail amount set, plus $37.00 in fees. If you decide to place the bond for someone using cash money for the full amount you are only returned the portion of that bail which did not go towards fines or court costs. When placing a property or bail paid in full it takes a considerable amount of time to have your collateral or remainder of that collateral returned to you. It takes an average of 42 weeks after the defendant is found guilty or the charges have been dropped to see that remainder of cash, or lien released on your property.


How much does it cost to bond someone out of jail?

The premium to place someone’s bail is 10% of what the bond has been set at, plus a $25.00 Bond Fee and $12.00 State Tax. So if your friend or loved one’s bond has been set at $1000.00. The Premium would be $100.00 +$25.00+$12.00 for a total of $137.00.


Is the bail bond that I pay to the bondsman refundable?

The bail premium is non refundable, and pays for the services supplied by the bondsman and bonding company.


What is a co-signer on a bail bond?

A co-signer is the person(s) willing to be responsible for the defendant while they are out on bail and who co-assumes financial responsibility, including guarantee of the full bail bond amount.

We hope that this short informational post has helped anyone who might need to hire a bail bondsman. If ever in need of a bondsman In Knoxville than be sure to give us a call at 865-518-BOND (2663).

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